About Memoir Place

The story of this site begins with the memoirs of Solomon Greenblatt; my great grandfather, and the man after whom I was named. A few months before he passed, he recorded some stories of his early childhood and how he escaped from Europe to America in the 1920's. The stories were inspiring and deeply meaningful.

It seemed to me that every family should have this. Yes, the stories are only a small glimpse into the life of a very fascinating man, but that small glimpse is infinitely better than nothing. I had a much better sense of where I came from.

I wanted my grandfather, my last living grandparent, to write his memoirs. I scoured the internet for help, but unfortunately, there are almost no resources that could help him.

The more I learned, the more it became clear how bad the situation was. I spoke with a lot of people who have children and grandchildren, who wanted to write their memoirs, but weren't. This site is for them.

Within a few months I quit my job to devote myself to this problem full time. I spoke with a lot of experts, and discovered the reasons people aren't writing their memoirs. The crazy part is, most people don't even know the reasons they aren't writing their memoirs!


This site is designed to solve all the major problems that stop people from writing their memoirs. It has a simple process that is easy for people to relate to. Additionally, there are all the specialized tools and support you need to successfully finish your memoirs.

It takes a lot of courage to write your memoirs, and I applaud you for starting this journey. Your memoirs are a precious gift that you give to your family. Thank you so much for letting Memoir Place be a part of the process.



Solomon Kahn

Founder and CEO

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