Your Most Important Memoir Tool


When writing a memoir, story ideas will strike at random times. You will be driving to the store when suddenly, you remember an amazing story that you absolutely must put in your memoir.

At that point you are going to be in desperate need of the most important memoir writing tool: a notebook.

Sadly, the ideas that you think of will be gone quite soon. Scientific research has shown that people can generally hold seven to nine things in their head at any one time. As an interesting side note, this is why telephone numbers are seven digits long. As soon as you think about seven other things, your amazing idea will be gone from your mind; unless you write it down.

So, to make sure you don’t forget your best ideas, you should always have something nearby where you can write down your memoir ideas.

It can be something simple like a small notepad, or for those who have them, most smartphones have a note taking application that you can use.

Wherever you are, whenever you have an idea, just take out your notebook, write it down, and be confident that you can get to it later.

This article is part of the How To Write Your Memoir series.

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