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Hello and welcome to Memoir Place. The idea for this site began germinating after I found the long lost memoir of my great grandfather, Solomon Greenblatt, the man after whom I was named. His memoirs were stories of his early childhood, and his journey from Europe to America in the 1920’s. The stories were inspiring and deeply meaningful.

It was time for my grandfather, my last living grandparent, to write his memoirs. After doing a huge amount of research into the resources available to help people write their memoirs, I was shocked at how little help was available. This site is here to change that.

I want to sincerely thank all the people without whom this site would not exist. To all the friends, family, programmers, designers, and memoir experts who have helped out over the past months; you are all amazing. This site would never have happened without you. To my parents and girlfriend, you know how much you did, and I am eternally grateful.

Solomon Kahn

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