Make Your Memoir Project Easy


A memoir project is not something that you have a lot of experience with, and why would you? You were probably not a professional writer or journalist. Writing a memoir requires a particular set of skills that most people haven’t had a lot of practice with.

Like most things in life, a memoir project can be done the easy way or the hard way. To make your memoir project more enjoyable, I highly recommend choosing the easy way at every opportunity.

This will look different for each person. Some people might have difficulty writing long stories and always feel guilty that the stories are too short. Some people will write stories they feel are too long, and feel discouraged that they can’t shorten them. Some will feel like they can never find the perfect adjectives, and some will feel that they don’t write often enough.
Stop getting hung up on details, and make things easy! You are not writing something to be #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. You’re memoir project is something to give to your kids and grandkids. Enjoy it!

If you enjoy writing stories about your childhood, but not about your career, then write a bunch of stories about your childhood. If you like writing in short spurts, don’t force yourself to sit down for long writing sessions. Don’t get caught up in what you feel you’re supposed to do, as if such a thing actually existed. Focus on what you enjoy, and your memoir project will be more successful, and more enjoyable.

This article is part of the How To Write Your Memoir series.

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